Posted on: Thursday, September 27th, 2018

When you stay in Downtown Calgary, all the very best the city has to offer is simply a short walk, pedal, or drive away. With so many options to get you from A to B, getting around Downtown has never been easier. From public transit to picturesque pathways, and everything in between, Calgary offers a whole host of ways to explore the city…


A city that was made for pedestrians, Downtown Calgary not only boasts the iconic Plus 15 pedestrian system, but it is also home to the largest network of walkways and pathways in North America.

The Plus 15 stands 15 feet above street level, hence its clever name. Spanning over 16 kilometres and 50 blocks, the Plus 15 is a fully enclosed, climate-controlled network of walkways which offer a convenient and comfortable walk between shopping centres, businesses, and parking lots all year round – especially during the bitterly cold winter months! Navigating the Plus 15 network can seem a little daunting at first, but there are plenty of maps along the way to help guide you throughout the Downtown core.

During the warmer months, pedestrians can get some fresh air and enjoy Calgary’s extensive collection of well-kept walkways and pathways, including the popular Prince’s Island Park. This urban park is the perfect green escape from the hustle and bustle of Downtown, offering multiple pathways throughout the park and along the Bow River. When you book your stay in Calgary with Urban Suites, you’ll enjoy the convenience of the Bow River pathways right on your doorstep – only a 1-minute walk from your apartment.


For those who prefer to see the city on two wheels, there are a number of well-maintained bikeways devoted to giving cyclists a smooth and scenic ride around Downtown. All areas of the city are connected by one of the most extensive bikeway networks in North America, and there are also separated cycle tracks to make navigating through Downtown traffic a lot safer. You can check out the complete map of Calgary’s bike path network here.


There’s no doubt that finding a park in the city can be painful, but Calgary has its very own interactive parking app to make parking in Downtown that little bit easier. Simply enter your destination into the map, and the app will highlight all of your closest parking options. Not only that, but the app can also help you find a parking spot for every budget, over 3,000 free weekend spots, and a greater selection of long and short-term spots. The Calgary Parking Authority also offers free street parking after 6pm Monday to Saturday, and all day on Sundays and holidays.


Calgary is home to a quick, easy, and extremely efficient public transit system that makes travelling to, from, and around Downtown a breeze. The light rail C-Train is the city’s most popular transit method, operating on two lines, North and South. The Downtown section of the C-Train, which travels along 7 Avenue, is considered to be the ‘fare free zone’, so you can ride for free if you are travelling between the 10th Street and City Hall Stations. If you are continuing to ride the C-Train outside of the Downtown area, you must purchase a fare and carry your proof of payment with you. Urban Suites apartments are all conveniently located within a short walking distance of transit stops. Find your closest stop on Calgary’s public transit map.


When your legs are too tired to walk any further, it’s easy to grab a cab in Downtown Calgary. Taxis run all over the city and can be flagged down on the street, or you can find a designated taxi stop zone. The main taxi stops in Calgary can be found outside of the major hotels, such as the Marriott, Hyatt and Westin, or on Stephen Avenue in front of key nightlife hotspots. The most commonly used taxi companies in Calgary are Checker Yellow Cabs and Associated Cabs.


Getting around Downtown via Uber has become extremely popular, as it offers a more personalized, reliable, and, often, a more cost-effective service than traditional public transport or taxis. Catching a ride with Uber is as easy as opening the app on your phone and requesting a ride from a nearby car. There are usually plenty of Uber cars available in the Downtown area, especially during peak hours.